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Monochromatic Mustard

How do you make mustard look interesting?  Everyone knows that mustard is the most popular condiment, but how do you make it look appealing?  Photograph it in a monochromatic setting and see what comes out of the bottle, that's how!

What's On The Cover?

Shoot a subject and then mimic a magazine cover of any genre.  Your main image must be a photograph, and you may not copy an existing magazine!  Sounds like fun!  You bet it was!

Video Killed The Radio Star

The assignment - listen to an obscure and unknown album and then design a record cover - front, back and spine.  My assigned album was a Canadian band called Mother Mother, the album entitled The Sticks.  An alternative rock band, I had never heard their music beforehand, and after listening to the album a cover of times I am not sure I would have spent much time with them in any case.    I interpreted the album through the title song lyrics.  

The band seemed to yearn for a return to a simpler time where the human race was more in touch with nature and mother earth rather than the constant touch of a cell phone in the hand, advertising blasting the human race from all angles and in multiple mediums.  I felt a desire to just scrap all the materialism of today, the narcissistic tendencies of today to accumulate wealth and "things" and trample those who get in our way.

The American Gold Finch on the album cover looks down at the mound of trash below it as if saying "Is this really want you want?"

Venus and Mars

The assignment was to create two thought provoking images that challenge gender stereotypes in media & society.   For my first image I wanted to photograph a female in a distinctly non-feminine type of pose.  I asked my model to wear a dress, ball cap and sunglasses.  I brought along a beer for her to use as a prop.  I asked her to pose in a very masculine type of pose.  For the second image I wanted to show a male in a typical stereotypical female setting, a setting that is familiar to my generation but perhaps not all that typical to newer generations.   In the second image you see a male talking on the phone, holding a baby, with a sink full of dishes behind him.  On the opposite counter top are fixings to get supper ready.  In front of the male is a ironing board and iron, with a shirt ready to be prepared for the next day.  

The Medium Is The Message

The assignment was to create an image of my choice and then print it on a medium that was unique and best suited and presented my work.  For this image I wanted to shoot a model through a window covered with rain, and have the model be day dreaming, wishing she was outside.  I printed this on Metallic Silver Paper at 16X20.  The paper gave the image a shiny, looking from the outside through a glass type of look that I was going for.

Family fun at the park

The assignment was to shoot family portraits in a local park.  Twelve individuals altogether and nine separate compositions were requested.  Everyone showed up on time and were so friendly and cooperative how could I not have captured beautiful images?  I used one Bowens strobe light for the large group portrait, diffused with a 34" octabox.  For the images around the park I reverted to a speed light diffused with a 36" soft box which was hand held by my assistant.  

Fun with food

I have been playing with food photography lately to see if there is an opportunity to break into this genre.  The most difficult part of food photography is of course finding the correct props and then styling the food so that it is appealing to the viewer.  Below are a few of my recent attempts.

Coldest Night Of The Year

Each year, in cities across Canada, people walk to raise money for local homeless shelters.  As one of many volunteers in the Orillia city walk, I was honoured to be asked to be one of four photographers tasked with taken images of the event.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving Fund Raiser

The Georgian College, Barrie Campus, Event Management class year end event of 2018 was a fund raiser for MADD.  I was glad to volunteer my time to be a photographer at this exciting event.  The class did an awesome job!

2018 Ontario Winter Games 

The 2018 Ontario Games were held in Orillia, Ontario, and I was asked to one of a small select group of photographers to visit five different sports over a two day period and photograph the events.  It was a challenging assignment, the lighting was poor and the action was fast, but it was truly an honour to be able to photograph these amazing athletes.


All work and no play makes Bob a tired boy!  Cuba is an amazing country was some very rural and unique scenery.

Mom's Garden

A series of images from my mothers garden, using Photoshop to enhance and beautify the images..  

Oro World's Fair 2018

This year was the 166th Oro World's Fair presented by the Oro Agricultural Society.  Part of the Fair is a Baby show  and competition, and for two consecutive years I have volunteered my time to take images of the babies before they go up on the stage.  

OHL Barrie Colts 2019-2020 Season

Starting in January 2020 I began photographing on an Internship for the Barrie Colts.  This exciting opportunity was presented to me through the Photography program at Georgian College, Barrie.  What an opportunity to build up my Sports portfolio!

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